Game2: Run Rabbit Run

Name of the game

Run Rabbit Run

Game platform

Computer (flash)

Write a brief description of the game

    In this game, the rabbit runs and jumps to collect carrots and avoids barriers. When the rabbit arrives the destination flag, the user can enter next level of game.

What is the game's genre? Does it follow the rules for the genre? Does it have any unique characteristics relative to other games in the genre?

    It’s an action-platformer game. It follows the rules for run games.

Describe the game interface. What controls are available to the user, and what aspects of the game do they control?

    Users use keyboard to control the movement of rabbit. ?  and ? for run. Space for jump.

How many different images are used in the game?

    One image is for the rabbit. Each rabbit and blade has its own image. The background image is still.

How many of the images move during gameplay, and how much of the screen do the moving images occupy?

    The rabbit and blades are moving. They occupy a small part of the screen.

What is the goal of the game?

    Let the rabbit get to the checkered flag.

What are the major challenges of the game?

    The rabbit needs to jump over the blades and get enough carrots.

What is the complexity of the rule set?

    The rule set is straightforward. Users’ controls are visualized.

What kind of competition exists?

    Users vs Users (score ranking)

Is the game fun? Rate on a scale of 1 (not fun) to 5 (very fun)

    Fatimah - 3/5. I think it can be a fun game, I just did not enjoy it myself and found it

annoying/demotivating to die so repeatedly. The character’s acceleration is hypersensitive to the arrow keys, so it can be difficult to control the character’s movements.

    Zena - 3/5. I agree with Fatimah that it’s frustrating. The levels present the challenges of getting carrots, but often, it is too challenging, especially the acceleration of the bunny’s movement, and the instructions are not presented well. Still, the game is creative in level setup and interactive objects, and it is not that bad.

Is the game difficult to learn? Rate on a scale of 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult).

Zena - I would say it gets a 3.5/5 because the basic controls are easy to learn, but it is hard to time jumps and such.

    Fatimah - 3.5/5. The hypersensitivity of the controls makes the game difficult to play.

Rate the visual quality of the game between 1 (poor) to 5 (very good).

    Zena - 4/5. The game’s main redeeming feature. The style art is pretty creative and immersive.

    Fatimah - 4/5. The art used in the game was unique and caught my atteniton.

How engaging is the game? Rate on a scale of 1 (not at all) to 5 (extremely).

    Fatimah - 2/5. The game doesn’t feel very engaging. The plotline was not communicated well, there’s no music and mild sound effects incorporated in the game, and when I finish a level I don’t feel accomplished

    Zena - 2/5. I agree with Fatimah’s points. Also, I feel like the difficulty curve is too steep.

What is your overall recommendation for the game? Rate on a scale of 1 (Do not recommend) to 5 (strongly recommend).

    Zena - 2.5/5. It doesn’t present anything new but it is a decent way to pass the time and presents a challenge.

    Fatimah - 2/5. If you are patient enough for the game and if you don’t mind dying repeatedly, then give it a shot.