Nicki's Review

2.   Browser (Shockwave)
3.   This game is a simple crossword puzzle with the advantage of showing if you type the wrong letter
4.   Puzzle/word game
5.   This is a Flash game that runs in your browser window.  The interface contains the game board and two scrolling columns to the right that display hints for the horizontal and vertical words in the puzzle.  As words are typed, correct letters appear in black and incorrect ones in red.
6.   To fill in the entire crossword
7.   Coming up with the correct words from the crappy clues they provide
8.   Not very
9.   There are millions of similar crossword games online
10. 2.5
11. 1
12. 3
13. 2
14. 3 (if you're looking for a crossword puzzle), 1 (otherwise)