The purpose of this project was to use the z axis to create 3d shapes. We had to edit the draw functions and a few of the other methods to add the z axis and parameters.

Image 1:
I created four new methods in the shapes class and used the pitch function and F, +, - to create these shapes.I used the jitter and dotted styles as well.

Image 2:

For this scene, I used different sized prisms to create the buildings, using the scale function at the end of the draw function. I then used a for loop to create the blocks of grass outside the building then placed the hexagonal prism as the sun.

Image 3:

Lastly, for this task I created the 3d shapes to be built one within another. In order to do this, I created a triple for loop including the z axis and modeled it after the double for loops that we have done.

For this extension, I created another 3d scene. In order to do this, I had to create the 3d X shape, for the "x marks the spot" and added in other shapes I made and used for loops for the grass and the pond of water. I sed the dotted style to create a more "realistic" map look, and used the roll function within the for loop of the dotted method to create the dots at different angles!

I learned how to use the z axis and how to think about how this affects my drawing. I also learned how to use the pitch and roll functions when drawing 3d shapes.

I received help from Bruce.