This was a lab introducing us to the uses of L-Systems and how to further improve our Python knowledge.


We had three tasks. First we had to create a picture with 3 different L-systems.

Second we had to create a picture with a 9x9 grid of trees, using different iterations and angles.

Third we had to create a basic scene, however we must use two new L-Systems. I created a blobish shaped one to create the sun and then i looked up in the provided text how to create a different type of tree. I combined this in a scene to create a horizon over a forest.


I completed one extension. We were asked to add berries to our trees by adding new alphabet symbols to the rules and cases to our turtle_interpreter. I completed this. Now my scene looks like a winery.

What I learned:

I learned that L-systems are not my strong suit (at least for now). I originally tried to incorporate my previously learned skill of " getting the mouse location" to make an interactive program. One where the user would click and a tree would spring there. Taking off more than I could chew set me back and then it just confused the learning off more basic skills. I worked for a short time with Mike and Toni