This is the home page for the Natural Science Computing .

Other related spaces include:The Mudd Lab, Schupf lab, Bruce Maxwell's Robotics Lab

We also maintain a seven node HPC cluster for use by researchers within the Natural Sciences (nscc ), and a PSC Quad Core Opteron compute server (sona), which is used by the Chemistry Department. For access to these servers please contact Randall Downer. The nscc is built along the lines of Purdue Universities Community Compute Cluster .

 Most computers that I support are based on a variant of the Unix Operating systerm, (eg Mac OSX, Linux) Here are some helpful tips and tricks.

Poster printing is done at the LRC . You will need to contact , and you can either email her the document or drop it off in smb://, but remember to email her and tell her it is there!

Advise if you are being pestered by Safari for Keychain access.

Information for support of specific departments:

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