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Report for Experiment 1 – Separation, Purification, and Recovery of Organic Compounds


Use complete sentences, use the proper number of digits and/or significant figures, and include units. Erase all the words in italics and type your answers/information into this template (your text/answers shouldn’t be in italics).


Introduction and Experimental Procedure: State the scientific purpose(s) of the experiment. Describe the methods used in a general sense. Give a brief general statement/description of the experimental procedure and reference (as a footnote or an endnote) the full procedure followed from the experiment handout on the CH241 website. Avoid discussing specific data. We wrote the Introduction and Experimental Procedure section for you . No additions are necessary, aside from any changes to the procedure (see below).


The purpose of this experiment is gain experience and an understanding of several important separation, purification, and analysis techniques that are commonly used in experimental organic chemistry. Specifically, the separation and purification of the organic components from a mixture containing sand, 9H-fluorene, and 9-fluorenone was carried out using filtration, chromatography, and crystallization. Compound purity was assessed using thin layer chromatography and melting point data. [1]


Below the paragraph above, describe any changes from the written procedure (if any).


Results and Discussion : In the future, we may leave the specific discussion topics more open ended. For this report, you only need to include what is specifically asked for below. Table “templates” are included below if you wish to use them (or you can make your own). When citing results r efer to each Table/Figure with an explicit reference as necessary (e.g. see Table 1) in the relevant part of this section. Remember to include units.


Please erase the bullets from the list below when you erase the italicized words.


         Write a brief (1-3 sentence) statement about your experiment that leads into the sections below. For example, “We were successful/unsuccessful/had mixed success separating and purifying the organic components of our mixture and learning new experimental techniques for the organic laboratory…” 

         Include a Figure that contains labeled ChemBioDraw structures for 9H-fluorene and 9-fluorenone (make sure your Figure is numbered and contains an appropriate caption).


         In paragraph form, briefly discuss the technique of gravity filtration, whether you found that the technique was successful at accomplishing what was intended, and any problems that may have arisen (if any).

         In paragraph form, briefly discuss the technique of thin layer chromatography, how you used the technique throughout the experiment, and what you were able to learn. Also identify any problems that may have arisen when carrying out the technique (if any).

         In paragraph form, briefly discuss the technique of column chromatography, whether the technique was successful at accomplishing what you intended, and any problems that may have arisen (if any).

         In paragraph form, briefly discuss the technique of crystallization, whether the technique was successful at accomplishing what you intended, and any problems that may have arisen (if any).

         In paragraph form, briefly state the results of your miscibility (you can make a table if you would like to, but it is not required).

         In paragraph form, briefly discuss your melting point data for 9H-fluorene and 9-fluorenone. What do your melting points tell you about the identity and/or purity of your compounds? Did you require any sources for your analysis? Are they properly cited in this report? Did you use a benzoic acid reference standard? How was it used?

         In tabular form , report your isolated yields and melting point ranges for 9H-fluorene and 9-fluorenone. Make sure each of your tables is labeled and includes a caption.


Thing 1

Thing 2










Table 1:  Write a table caption





Thing 1

Thing 2

Thing X



Thing Y



Thing Z




Table 2:  Write a table caption




Conclusion: Approx. 2-5-sentences. Summarize the purpose of the experiment. Describe whether the experiment was successful (from your point of view), and what was learned/accomplished by carrying out the experiment.



Attachments: Sometimes there will be data that should be included as an attachment to your laboratory report (but not for this experiment). If you do include attachments, make sure to label them (such as “Figure 1. Relevant caption for the attachment”) and remember to refer to them in the Results and Discussion section of your lab report. Labels on attachments can be hand written if needed.

[1] This footnote should reference your experiment handout from the CH241 website. Use appropriate notation for your citation.