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Watch a news story about the Somali Bantu

With Jennifer Rooks of MPBN's "Maine Watch" you'll meet members of the Somali Bantu community living in Maine and follow their lives in the United States. Also, an extended interview with Colby College professor Catherine Besteman, who lived with the Somali Bantu before the war.

Listen to a news story about the Somali Bantu in the US

After a brief history of the Bantu refugees, this NPR news story highlights the lives of two Somali Bantu living in the U.S.

Watch a film about the Somali Bantu's journey
Rain in a Dry Land from Anne Makepeace and Bullfrog Films (2006) follows two Somali Bantu families as they travel from Kenyan refugee camps to cities in the U.S. How will Muslim farmers who speak no English manage to survive in American cities?

Links for researchers and scholars

More scholarly research about the Bantu is provided by the National Somali Bantu Project from Portland State University.

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