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Please check this page for descriptions and updates about examinations (midterms and the final) in CH141.  Information will appear at least one week before the exam.


Midterm Exam 1

The first midterm examination will be at  5 PM  on  Tuesday, October 3rd  in Keyes 105.  The exam will cover the reading (chapters 1-3), the lecture that corresponds to these chapters (approximately through  Monday, 9/25 ), and laboratory (through the week of 9/25).  Expect questions to come from all three sources.  You will be provided with a periodic table.  You must bring the calculator specified by the Colby bookstore as required for this course.

Regarding what you “need to know”, everything presented in the reading, lecture, or laboratory is technically fair game for the exam.  However, with respect to unit conversions, we won’t expect  you to have memorized English/metric conversions (e.g. yards to meters, gallons to liters, etc.), but you certainly should know the conversions associated with metric prefixes (milli, centi, kilo, mega, etc.).  With respect to nomenclature, if the compound/molecule was presented in the textbook, lecture, or lab, you must know it by name and formula.  Here is a helpful (but by no means comprehensive) list of ion nomenclature.  You may also be expected to apply the ‘rules’ for naming compounds such as oxyanions and acids that weren’t directly presented in lecture/book/lab.  If you have any other questions that begin with, “Do we need to know…” please post them to the CH141 Message Board.

A practice exam is attached here (the key will be posted shortly).  Please remember that practice exams are not intended to be your principal resource for exam preparation.  Rather, they are useful as additional practice and insight as to possible exam format.

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