Game Review - This War of Mine
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Game Platform:

Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux

Game genre:

Action-adventure game


It is a survival-themed strategy game where the player controls a group of civilian survivors in a makeshift shelter in a besieged, war-torn city. The main goal of the game is to survive the war with the tools and materials the player can gather with the characters they control. Most of the characters under the player's control have no military background or any kind of survival experience, and will require constant intervention by the player in order to stay alive. It is the player's responsibility to maintain their character's health, hunger, and mood levels until the declaration of a ceasefire, which occurs after a randomized duration. Nonetheless, each characters have special skills which can be vital in a war-torn city. 

During the daytime, hostile snipers will prevent the survivors from venturing outside, thereby offering the player time to craft tools from gathered materials, trade upgrade the shelter, cook food and heal the survivors. At night, the player is given the opportunity to venture out and scavenge nearby areas for valuable resources for their everyday survival. During their excursions, the player-controlled survivors can encounter other NPC survivors of the war, who they can choose to help with gifts of food or medicine, or rob and kill.

Game interface: 

The player will only use a mouse for this game. In addition, the player can only control the characters who are introduced in the beginning of the game.


It is a 2-D game with a sketch design.

Most of the images that move are the characters and other NPC survivor characters. The screen can occupy from just the area around the controlled character to a full image of the setting.

Complexity of the Rule Set:

Player can control more than one character, but not at the same time.

When scavenging, each character has limited backpack space for carrying materials.

When crafting or building, there are certain amount of materials needed in order to create useful tools and furniture.


The player competes against time, patience, memory, and management. If done well, the player can prolong the play, which is the main goal of the game. That being said, the player/s can compete themselves or against others on who has the most survival days in the game.

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