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Group members: Scott Franchi, Matthew Burton, Elena Kirillova, Victoria Tisdale, Eddie Chuang

Design concept. We want people to be able to paintlessly finger-paint. Audience will be college students. The interaction will allow many people to interact with the installation and will be able to draw together. What is drawn will be projected on to a large, visible screen.

Audience will be actors. Many people can use it at once.

Expected interaction time: 1 minute.


  • The color depends on clothing color (of last person to enter).
  • The design on screen is dependent on the shadow visible on the paper.
  • A rest button will clear the screen
  • The system gets activated if there is detected motion in the video space.

Video input - one for color of the actor's clothing and one to track the shadows on the screen.
Video output is what is being drawn by the shadow.

We want to create a inactive art piece that is fun and has a large audience interaction



  • paper
  • 2 cameras
  • projector
  • frame
  • 3 lights
  • rigging for lights
  • projector screen
  • laptop

Physical Plant: making sure we can place the equipment on walls and the ceiling in the permitted areas.
Space: Ideally Pulver or the street
ITS: we need projectors, screen and computer.


Lead Concept Designer: this person's role is to conceptualize and visualize the final product, convert that to specific needs and tasks, and guide the group towards that goal.

Producer: this person's role is to make sure everything is getting done on time and to help out or get other people to help out if something requires extra effort.
1. Elena
o Lead Programmer: this person's role is to make sure the programming tasks are being completed appropriately and to ensure they can be integrated into a single, working system.
1. Franchi
o Visual Input Lead: this person is in charge of getting visual input and processing it to obtain the necessary information for the installation to function.
1. Victoria
o Visual Output Lead: this person is in charge of creating the visual output necessary for the installation to function.
1. Matthew
o Actor Developer: each custom Isadora actor should have one person with primary responsibility for completing it.
1. Elena
o Blogger/Documentor: this person has primary responsibility for documenting both the development and the final product of the group. That does not mean this person is the only one to write or take pictures or video. It does mean this person needs to make sure that someone is blogging, taking pictures, and taking video as the art installation proceeds. The blog will be the primary output for each group other than the installation itself, so everyone should contribute.
1. Everyone/ Eddie

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