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CH217 Links List



SwitchGrass: Biofuels on a Big Scale


Toyota Hybrid Cars

Toyota Hybrid

DOD Alternative Fuels Page

DOD Alternative Fuels

Lecture files: Energy

CH217 Energy 1.2010.pdf

Lecture files:  Big Bang

CH217-L1 big bang 2010.ppt

Lecture files:  Atmosphere
CH217-L2.atmospere 2010.pdf


Lecture files: Atmsophere


Lecture files: Climate change

CH217 Climate Change 2010.pdf

Lecture File:  Acid Deposistion

CH217 Acid Rain 2010.pdf

Lecture File: Smog

CH217 Smog 2010.pdf


CH217-Geochem1 2008.ppt

Geochemistry II


Steam Plant Data

Steam Plant

carbon flux Sankey diagram

carbon flux.JPG

Practice Exam

CH217 Exam 1 2007.doc


CH 217 first hour exam 2008.doc



PBS Article on Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits

Rowland Nature Paper

Colby Only Link

Rowland Nobel Lecture 1995

Nobel Lecture


LEED Refrigerents

CFC Alternatives

Black Body Flux

Black Body Emission Spectra.xls

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

James Lovelock, CFCs and ECD Detector

Practice Exam

CH217 Exam 2 2006.pdf

Exam I 2008

CH 217 first hour exam 2008.doc

Exam II 2008

CH217 exam 2 2008.doc



Electric cars may increase air pollution

USA Today

Lack of lines for transmission of wind energy

USA Today

US toughens standards for ozone

BBC News

New Material Absorbs Oil from Contaminated Water




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