Mingchen Li - the Binding of Isaac rebrith

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  1. the binding of Isaac rebirth
  2. Steam
  3. It’s a 2d shooting game. The game is designed with five levels and random events. The player needs to fight different bosses and finish levels.
  4. 2D adobe flash indie. It follows the rules of this genre and stick to 2d interface. The unique character is that it has very random design. Each time the player started the game he/ she plays a complete random set of map design. 
  5. wasd for shooting and arrows for moving. It also uses e key to set the bomb. The player controls the main character’s movement and shooting.
  6. a LOT. the basic map are similar but the game is paced with collective items and bosses. Hence it contains a lot of images.
  7. From 1 to 10 images. The main character moves all the time and it may encounter moving bosses in different levels. The moving images occupy from 10% to 20% of the screen.
  8. To find Isaac’s mom.
  9. The complete random design. The user may face a very difficult boss suddenly.
  10. The rule is very simple. Just move around and kill. But the collectivity is difficult because there are so many items
  11. Virtually no competition
  12. Absolute drift 4 Witcher 4
  13. Absolute drift 4 Witcher 4
  14. Absolute drift 4 Witcher 5
  15. Absolute drift 4 Witcher 4
  16. Absolute drift 4 Witcher 4