Charles Parham _ Absolute Drift

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1. Absolute Drift Zen Edition

2. Windows, Mac, Linux

3. The goal of this game is to drift a car as much as possible through a course without crashing. Training can be done for practice and feedback is given based on the player's performance.

4. This is a single-player game focused on becoming skilled at one specific activity. I'm unsure which genre this would be classified as.

5. The interface is relatively simple. The player can control the direction of the vehicle using the arrow keys and can press the space bar to slow down and/or to set the car into a drift.

6. There are images for the vehicle, boundaries, and obstacles in the map. In its entirety, the game is minimal in terms of graphics, containing mostly blank surfaces with solid colors.

7. The vehicle changes orientation near the center of the screen and the course moves in the background relative to the vehicle's motion.

8. The goal of the game is nothing more than to drift your vehicle well without crashing for as long as possible.

9. The most difficult aspect of the game is controlling the vehicle. It is extremely easy to deviate from the desired trajectory and rotation.

10. The rules are extremely simple. The vehicle is confined to the map's boundaries and is halted by obstacles.

11. A score is obtained based on the player's success. The player can compete with their personal best score or with the world's best score.

12. Level of fun: 3/5

13. Learning the basic controls is easy but mastering the technique of drifting is challenging. Score: 4/5

14. The game is graphically minimal using no textures and simple color schemes. Score: 3/5

15. The challenge of the game makes it quite captivating. Score: 4/5

16. The game is entertaining although it can become monotonous with time. I would recommend it with a score of 3/5.