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1. Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

2. PlayStation, Xbox, PC (we played on PC)

3. As a Witcher ( a mythical human trained for their childhood on the dark arts ) it is your job to protect your medical society from monsters, ghouls, and nasty beings. Witchers have one purpose in their lives, to hunt and kill monsters for coin. However, when a fellow Witcher is being pursued by an evil being "The Wild Hunt", it is your job to find and return her home safe.

4. This game is open world RPG (role playing game) and does follow all genres conventions. The map sprawls over 40gb and you have to power to explore every nook and cranny. You have the ability to interact with hundreds of different NPCs, each potentially offering their own side quest. There is nothing that this game brings to the genre, and closely follows RPG conventions.

5. The games interface is extensive and complex. Keyboards make the immense amount of controls more managable, as you are able to do everything from mount your horse, draw your sword, and, of course, swing your sword. Most actions are mapped to 'E', movement is mapped to 'WASD', and combat is mostly mapped to Mouse 1. As this is an RPG, you have control over mostly everything in the game, with the exception of various props scattered throughout the map.

6. There are theoretically infinity many images used in this game depending on angle, lighting etc.

7. All of them move. Clothes, plants.. everything moves. Granted, textures like dirt paths don't move.. although there is a dust particle system.

8. The goal of the game is to hunt down fellow Witcher Cici and protect the realm from magical, mythical creatures.

9. The game's biggest challenge has to be fluid character movement and response time. While in combat with a sword, response time is very important and often quite tricky. Each opponent has a unique tell when they plant to strike, at which point you must dodge or roll away. This proves to be challenging as you have to recognize the attack and react in fractions of a second.

10. The complexity of this game is enormous. Each decision you make within dialog (agreeing to help farmers / not) has unique outcomes. With tens if not hundreds of dialog options, there are an absurd amount of possible endings.

11. This game is entirly single player, thus the only competition include NPC.

12 Binding of Isaac: 4, Absolute Drift: 3

13 Binding of Isaac: 2, Absolute Drift: 5

14 Binding of Isaac: 3, Absolute Drift: 4

15 Binding of Isaac: 4, Absolute Drift: 3

15 Binding of Isaac: 5, Absolute Drift: 3