Game Review- Amateur Surgeon

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During surgical procedures, the heart rate monitor shows a stick figure moving according to  
to  the patient's heart rate (the stick figure is running if the heart rate significantly increases). This takes up a very small amount of screen space. The instruments also move around to simulate the surgery and interact with the patients body. This interaction take up the majority of the screen.

Goal of the Game:

The goal of the game is to perform successful surgeries without killing the patient or letting them die for any number of reasons. 

Major Challenges:

Accuracy and speed of the surgical procedures is one of the major challenges of this game, just like a real surgery. You have to be quick, but not too quick or you will hurt the patient. But you cannot go too slow or you will run out of time or the patient eventually dies. 

Complexity of the rule set:

The rules are pretty straight forward during surgery. You have to follow a specific logic while performing surgery according to each instrument. For example, you can't burn a wound shut with the lighter before you staple it closed. 

What kind of competition exists?

The only competition that you are playing against is the clock and the patient's BPM. At the end, you are also playing against yourself and the grade you receive at the end of a successful surgery. The player has the option to go back and redo any completed surgery for a possibly better grade. 

Is the game fun? 


Is the game difficult to learn? 


Visual Quality:


How engaging is the game?


Overall Recommendation: