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Cannot use the autosampler to draw the samples (as of today), because it is unknown if the autosampler will work in transient setting.  Therefore, manually draw each of the test tubes.THIS PAGE NEEDS TO UPDATED WITH NEW TRANSIENT FUNCTIONS

- Control app

- Trigger instructions

- NetCDF (*cdf) to ASCII/Ecel translations

Recommended to separate out any/all tests and save them individually, otherwise the collected data set is huge.  (Verify?)

Once you are done with all of the readings that you want to take/your run has ended, the finished product with an overall graph will come up.  Immediately right click and "Export the data to ASCII."  When looking at the files, the individual elements that were tested will be put into separate files.  They are under a CDF file format, which is unreadable.  By exporting the data into the ASCII format, another file will come up in the same folder as a Text Document that can be then read with excel (although that computer does not have excel).  File pathway: