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Thing Thing 4 Game Review

Name: Thing Thing 4

Platform: Flash

Brief Description: The object of the game is kill or be killed. It's a fight for survival through the ranks of the Systems Corporation Mercenaries as well as any other enemies. All of the Systems Corporation facilities are on lockdown and all of the doors in your path have been locked. You have to fight through the requisite enemies in order to move on. For the most part Systems Corp. Mercenaries teleport their way to you behind a locked door. After you've killed enough enemies you'll get a message on the bottom of your screen saying either "New Area Open" or "Exit Open" depending on the area. From here you can continue to fight or move on to the next area

Game Genre: Action Shooter/Run n Gun. It follows the rules of shooters by having multiple enemies with similar weaponry. It is basically a third person shooter with all the characteristics of a first-person shooter except the point of view.

Game Interface: Keyboard and Mouse. WASD for movement, Mouse Wheel or E for weapon change. Q for Melee Weapon(Pipe). The mouse is to move the weapon in all 360 degrees. Left mouse to shoot. Shift + left or right to run. Space to Swap/Throw Weapon, The player is therefore in control of movement and weapon firing but enemies spawn at random.

Goal: Revenge against your creator who made you an unstoppable killing machine. It is the fourth game in the Thing Thing Game Series.

Major Challenges: Avoiding being hit by the enemies bullets as this involves some level of technique. Also trying to conserve your ammunition and accuracy on hitting enemies.

Complexity: It has a very simple rule set which is shoot all enemies and avoid being killed.

Competition: This exists between you and the computer that is trying to stop you from getting to your goal.


Fun - 4|3|3

Difficulty -1|4|4

Visual Quality - 4|4|3

Engaging -4|4|2

Overall Recommendation - 4|2|3

Game - Thing Thing 4