Primary Goals

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We met with Cassi Knight on February 19 to discuss what type of visualizations would be useful for her data.

Analysis Goals

Currently Cassi has collected one data set with 13 data points. Each point refers to a specific depth at the test site (up to 70 cm below ash), and has many variables, one for each of many different elements. She is interested in how the concentrations of various elements vary at different depths, and has some specific ratios that combine several variables that are of particular interest.

In addition to analyzing how the concentrations vary by depth in this location, she has a data set from a nearby region, and she is interested in how the two samples compare. Later there will be more data sets to compare.

Desired Visualizations

  1. Elemental Concentration v. Depth, generated for a single selected element
  2. Ratio v. Depth, generated for a selected ratio: clayeness, calcification, salinization, mineral assemblage stability, Bs/Sr. All of these are simple ratios between 2 element oxides or trace elements.
  3. Base Loss v. Depth, where base loss = Al2O3 / (CaO + MgO + NaO + K2O)
  4. Comparison of the above plots for different data sets

For all of the plots, the origin should be in the upper left corner, and increasing depths are represented as negative numbers along the vertical axis.