Why AIDS has Affected Sub-Saharan Africa so Intensely

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II. Why AIDS has affected Sub-Saharan Africa so Intensely
a. Statistics:
i. At the end of 2007 22 million people in Sub-Sarahan Africa were HIV positive
1. There are an estimated 33 million people in the world living with HIV: 2/3 of all people living with HIV as of the end of 2007 are in Sub-Sarharan Africa
ii. According to http://www.avert.org/history-aids-africa.htm there are a variety of hypothesis as to whyHIV/AIDS is so prevelant in Africa, but no one is sure for certain. Possible reasons include:
1. High rates of poverty
a. Disease spread more easily in areas with less sanitation, easier to contract if malnourished
2. Gender inequality
a. Higher rates of sexual violence, which can often lead to transmission of the disease
b. It is much less socially accepted for men to wear condoms because of misogynistic norms
c. More than one concurrent sexual partner is more common for men in many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa

3. Rapid urbanization
a. The illness quickly spread as people began to move into urban communities
4. Genetics
a. Some scientific research has shown that genetic factions and parasitic worm infections may aid the spread of the diseases