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Links to Refugee Rights and Activism

Maine Organizations

    Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project
          This Portland, Maine organization provides affordable legal services for Maine's immigrants and refugees

     Catholic Charities of Maine
          The Catholic Charities of Maine are one of the primary advocates for Maine's Somali Bantu Community. For information on their work with
          refugee communities, click here

National Organizations

     International Institutes of America
          With various locations nationwide, International Institutes provide job training, literacy classes and other resources to aid refugee and
          immigrant adjustment to life in the United States

          International Institute of Saint Louis (a primary resettlement site for Somalians)

          International Institute of Boston

     U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
          USCRI has been a longtime advocate of refugees and immigrants. Their website provides many links for volunteering, donating and getting
          involved in refugee advocacy. For information on USCRI's "Somali Bantu Program," click here

     Refugee Council USA
          RCUSA is a coalition of U.S. NGOs committed to refugee protection. This website not only provides useful information on the
          refugee process, it also provides an extensive list of links to refugee advocacy groups and volunteer organizations

International Organizations

     USA for UNHCR
          The UNHCR is the UN Refugee Agency. This website provides links to UN Refugee Agency projects and information on the UN's
          refugee work.

     Refugees International
          RI works in the field interviewing displaced people, identifying the most urgent needs of displaced people and working to address
          these needs. For more information on RI's work in Somalia, click here