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Your final exam will be at 9 AM on Thursday, December 14th in Keyes 105. This exam will be in two parts, both cumulative. All material presented in lecture, assigned reading, and laboratory is 'fair game' for your final exam. You must bring the calculator specified on the course syllabus.

The first part will be a multiple-choice exam authored by the American Chemical Society. It has 70 questions and is strictly timed at 110 minutes. If you have a diagnosed learning difference, please communicate with your professor by the end of the day on Tuesday, December 12th such that appropriate accommodations can be made. This exam comes with a periodic table and some constants. While there are no equations provided (and we can't provide any supplementary material), we don't expect you'll need to know much beyond those that are used so often, they are likely already committed to memory. There are review booklets on reserve in the Science Library, however, the material presented in these booklets to do not really correspond to the material on the actual exam. Use these booklets only to get some exposure to the type of multiple-choice questions you might expect to see. As always, your principle resources for exam preparation should be your lecture notes, textbook, and laboratory handouts.

The second part will be authored by Profs. Rice and McKinney. It will be 4-6 problems similar in format to the last two pages of one of your midterm examinations. We will provide all necessary equations and constants for this exam. While this exam is also cumulative, it is likely to be weighted toward material presented since the third midterm.

There will be two review sessions during Reading Period, both in Keyes 105:  Monday, 12/11, from 4-5 PM & Tuesday, 12/12, from 5-6 PM.

Midterm Exam 3

The third midterm examination will be at 5 PM Thursday, November 30th in Keyes 105. The exam will cover the reading (chapters 6, 7, 8, and 9:1-6), the lecture that corresponds to these chapters (approximately through Monday, 11/20 ), and laboratory (through the week of 11/13).  Expect questions to come from all three sources.  You will be provided with a periodic table. You must bring the calculator specified by the Colby bookstore as required for this course.