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Goal: The goal of the game is to sink all of the other tanks to the bottom of the prescribed area (effectively destroying them), while maintaining a decent enough defensive position to maintain a surface position for one's own tank.

Challenges: The main challenge of the game is to maintain a common enough position on the landscape so that minimal adjustments can be made to the firing angle and the firing force in order to hit the enemies while adjusting the position enough to evade enemy attacks. More specifically, it is advantageous to maintain a common position relative to an enemy because only minimal changes need to be made to the firing variables (angle, force, and weapon) in order to follow the movements of the enemy, creating higher percentage attacks. However, maintaining this common position allows the enemy to narrow in on your position as well, making his attacks higher percentage.

Complexity of the Rule Set: The basic controls are very simple. The firing angle, firing force, and starting position of the tank are plugged into a quadratic function that determines where the projectile will land and removes a given amount of surface area from the landing location. However, with the addition of new weapons, the firing formula becomes increasingly complex. Some weapons are deployed in a different manner than the basic projectile and all of them produce a different effect on the landscape.

Competition: The user must destroy other players while working to avoid his own destruction.