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These are pictures of Zilla's family. They sent this picture (Stained with Rhodamine, Fitc, and Dapi respectively. The last picture has brightfield lighting. Viewed using a confocal microscope. 20X objective) to us a few minutes ago. They look like a very happy family. I really like how the photographer used different stains to highlight various parts of their bodies. I gave Zilla's mother (Retina; pronounced "Re-teena") a call and asked her where she had those pictures made. Turns out...she found a photographer on an island near the coast.  Umph...She explained that it was very cold, but the experience was great! I must take the family out there one of these days. Maybe during the summer. At least we won't freeze our neurites off.

Oh, and I forgot to include a picture of MEEE!! It's not the best picture of me, but I love walking! It actually takes a lot of energy for me to move stuff around, but I love what I do!
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Oh well, you'll have to imagine what I look like!!
Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I think we are moving down yonder... Maybe to a place called "The Autoclave Bag." Hmm...It must be French! I hope the Bacteria are less nosey and intrusive. Nice meetin' ya'll.