Jonathan's CS151 Project 10

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Task 5 asked us to create a new L-system that includes branching, multiple rules, and at least one rule with more than one replacement string. With this new L-system, we needed to create a simple scene showcasing our creation. Below is my scene with the L-system. The L-system is what makes all the trees. Notice how every tree is different:


1.) For my first extension I expanded my main code for task 3. In task three, we had to show off all of our new ways of drawing shapes. In this extension, I decided to expand that main code and add color to task 3. For some shapes I simply changed the outline color. Other shapes I completely filled in. Below is my first extension:

What I learned:

During this lab I learned how to draw shapes differently. It was very important for me to learn how to draw shapes using different styles, such as jitter and dotted. Also, creating my own L-system was very helpful in further understanding how L-systems work.