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Below are pictures of the screen to choose which headers to put into the PCA and the screen to choose which PCA to plot.

The third task was to make a dialog window that shows all of the eigenvectors, eigenvalues, and energy of the selected PCA data. In my case, the user can press a button (shown above) to view the eigenvectors of a selected PCA. This opens a new window, in which I have created a table of labels. I do this in the class ShowEigenvectors, which makes the table in the body method. Here, I get the PCA headers (PCA00,PCA01,etc), the selected header names (the ones from the original data), the eigenvectors of the PCA, and the eigenvalues. I also build a list of energies, which I do by looping through each eigenvalue and dividing it by the sum of the eigenvalues. Then, I make convenient variables with the number of rows we want (the amt of eigenvalues, for instance, plus an extra row for column names), the amount of columns (the amount of selected headers plus 3 columns for the eigenvector name, eigenvalue, and energy), the amount of places to round numbers to, and the width of each label. Then I loop through the rows and columns, and create labels with different information in them depending on which row/col/ combination of both the loop is on. The dialog window in question is pictured below: