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To start the song, I put down the main tune into notes, making sure they were spaced evenly and of equal length when necessary, to make it sound cleaner. This main track is on the trumpets in the following screenshot. Please ignore the fact that it says "Classic Electric Piano" above the notes...

Next, I thought up a supporting melody by playing around with the notes and trying to see if I liked what I heard. This is what the French horns are for. My minimal piano knowledge helped a bit. Then, I thought it would be interesting if the song had a unique start, so I added a new track, which the trombones are for. And to make the period when the tune is repeated more interesting, I added high pitched descending notes on the bright synth brass keyboard.

This exercise in using Garageband was helpful for learning shortcuts in note placements and such, and I'd like to make another tune someday if something else comes to me. It was fun experimenting with the various instruments, too. Still, I'm much more used to the Photoshop UI than the Garageband one...

Anyways, here is the ~30 second song I made:

short song