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Audio Task


For my audio task, I decided to simulate a cow's "moo" as well as the ringing sound from clinking glasses. I built two instruments in CSound but also used the three from the first example on the site. Afterwards, I brought the wav files of the two sounds into Garageband and played them at certain intervals at parts of the song I made.


Here is my workspace (note: "clang" refers to the "clink" sound):

MP3: Song

Visual Task


After seeing many people add color to black and white pictures for their visual tasks, I decided I would color something too. Coloring manga pages is a hobby of mine, so I decided to color something from "Baby Steps", a series a person in my group likes. I did all of my work in Photoshop. My ultimate goal was to make the picture look more realistic and lifelike.

This is the original picture:

Colorizing the picture was a long process involving many different Photoshop techniques, so I will just talk about the key processes.


I decided it would look nice with a new background, so I found a picture of a Colby tennis court, put it through the posterize filter, and set it underneath everything.

This is the finished picture: Image Modified