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Link to Firewall by Aaron Sherwood and Mike Allison

The dynamic active art piece, called Firewall, is a spandex sheet onto which orange lines are projected, and as the user presses it, the lines are distorted and music is activated. The music changes speed and volume in relation to how much the spandex is pressed. There is also a second mode comprised of more spastic lines and more “aggressive" music.

The interaction exhibited in the piece is touch-sensitive; the Kinect measures the average depth of the spandex in relation to the frame.  If nothing is pressed, nothing happens, but as the spandex is pressed, the image and music speed/volume changes. If someone flips the switch on the frame, the second mode is triggered. The piece was also made with the help of Processing, Max/MSP, Arduino, and Kinect.

The audience is encouraged to press into the spandex because the changing projection and music are pleasing to see and hear, and people are inclined to try to create patterns of sound. The piece has also been used in dance performances. 

According to the artists, the spandex or membrane interface "represents a plane that you can experience but never get through". It is similar to life in that it doesn't matter how hard you try to understand what is in between life and death because you can never fully know.