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  1. Step one asked me to create another line style similar to the one I created in lab. The project asked me to create a style with 3 line crossing each other. I did this by using a for-loop to draw 3 lines.
  2. Step two asked me to create yet another style that utilized dots. I did this by using a for loop again and had it loop by the number of dots that the shape should have.
  3. Step three asked me to create a demo scene that demonstrated my line styles with different widths. The result is below:
    1.    (required image 1)* 
  4. Step four asked me to take my indoor scene from last week and apply my line styles so that the scene looks more like a painting. Here is the result:
    1. Image Modified 
    2. ^(required image 2)
  1. Step five asked to make my own stochastic L-system tree. I modified sysTree3 to have more branch in different ways and to also have more leaves. Below is my result. Both lsystems were called with the same size and iterations.
    1. Image Modified 
    2. ^(required image 3)
    3. Image Modified
    4. ^(sysTree3 unmodified for comparison)


From this project I learned how to create line styles to enhance the detail of my turtle drawings. I also learned more about lsystems and furthered my experience with the turtle_interpreter.