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1. World's Hardest Game

2. Computer

3. Get red square from start zone to end zone, avoid obstacles and collect keys to open walls. The title is apt.

4. Monotonous Puzzle that challenges patience... Genre ambiguous. Almost like a platformer that is top-down.

5. Interface is extremely simple, with only a button to return to the menu and inputs from the arrow keys

6. 5 Different shapes, yellow circle (coins), red square (you), blue circle (obstacle), green "blotch", rectangular tiled pathways

7. The moving images are you (the red square) and the blue circle obstacles.

8. The goal is the game is to collect coins and get to the end zone.

9. Your character has constant speed that is slow (limited actions), the blue obstacles vary in speed and are faster.

10. The rules are about as simple as it gets: don't touch blue things, can't move through walls, get keys first.

11. You compete against yourself in attempting to die as few times as possible. Compete against other people by collecting coins. Compete against the little blue circles as opponents.

12. 2/5 for fun.

13. 1,1,3. It's extremely easy to learn the rules but difficult to learn how to be good.

14. 2,2,1. The game's visuals are extremely simple BUT they do not need to be complex for the game's purposes.

15. 3, 1.5, 2.5. The game is not addicting, but is just annoying enough to keep you coming back.

16. 1,1,1. The game is nothing special. So we do not recommend.