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Yellow MaineTree Image

Image of a Maine Tree Yellowified

Two Tobi's

Image of Two Tobi's using Alpha-Blending

Mandelbrot Set

Image of a colorful Mandelbrot set using multiple switch statements for coloring

Julia Set

Image of a colorful Julia Set using multiple if statements for coloring

Static Image

A static image created by alternating between white and black and grey values at each pixel.

Simple Car

Image of a Car created by using simple line and circle functions

Filled Car

Image of a Blue car created using the scanline fill algorithm


Image of clouds of different sizes and colors created with the scanline algorithm


Image of a head with eyes and teeth created using the barymetric algorithm with colors at each point in the triangle.

Flying Pyramid

Animation of a pyramid flying out of the screen

Blue Cube

Image of a blue cube created using hierarchical modeling  

Moving Crosses

Animation of Crosses rendered using the z-buffer algorithm where they get brighter as they move forward.

Light Source Crosses

Image of Crosses moving with a light source in front of them

Cubes and Squares

Image of Transparent Cubes of Different Colors and an opaque cube behind them

Transparent Polygons

Animation of polygons that have an opacity of 0.5