Assignment 6

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This lab asked us to create several objects, and to place them together to create a city scene, in which we would eventually scale and change.

For the first task, I created several objects in my file. I created a lawn, a sky, a sun, a pond, and buildings with windows. My windows lit up and dimmed, with a call to random.random.

My Images:

Next I created a file called,in which I placed all of the objects I created into a scene, removing all Zelle graphics, and only containing complex objects. I put all of theses to scale, and created a scene in which a row of buildings are lined up, at the horizon between a green lawn and a blue sky, with a pond in the middle of the lawn, and a sun in the sky. This scene then changes from a day scene to a night scene, with the sky turning to black, the sun to a moon, the grass becoming darkened, and the lights turning on and off in the buildings.

Day to Night:

The next task was to create a, in which the scene was taken and either enlarged or decreased according to scale, and moving the new image and adjusting the objects so that they made sense in their new location.

For the final task, we were to take scene2, and change the images around and "get creative". For this, I decided to change the arrangement, and to place the big and little buildings next to one another at the bottom of the screen, with a large street in the background of the buildings, and a park with a pond in the middle of the city.

I first started the lab with a giant main definition, and only when Bruce walked me through creating a much easier for loop, did I finally grasp the goal of this assignment. This is the first lab that I really feel good about, and learned so much through creating this assignment. I loved how this lab used repetition so often, as I feel as though writing much of the code has made it so much easier for me to understand and learn its functions and meanings. I am learning more and more with every lab, and I am realizing using python is similar to using the application "paint", and I think it would be beneficial to teach simple coding to children in elementary or middle school, as knowing how to write codes will prove extremely useful, especially in the near future with technology developing at a rapid speed.