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MOE short hints (PDF)

 Spartan command line options:

spartan --help

  --monitor             : Run the Spartan Monitor
  --arch                : Display the CPU architecture of this machine
  --submit [opt] <path> : Submit backend jobs
      --external-queue <queue_name>
      --verbose <level>
  --foreground-submit   : Submit backend jobs waiting for job to complete
  --process-commands    : Process job command file
  --unpack              : Unpack a .spartan file to Unix style format
  --convert <old> <new> : Command line conversion utility
  --select              : Return graphics mode
  -inuse [-status]    : Inuse status
  -inuse [add|-remove] : Modify inuse state
  --library-path        : Print LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  --root-path           : Print the spartan root path
  --ldd                 : Print the spartan GUI libary dependencies
  --ldd-analysis <???>  : Print module library dependencies
  --ldd-so <lib???.so>  : Print library dependencies

The following needs to be set to use mm3 in the schupflab: