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If I give value False, then the shape will not be filled be color.Image Added.

It would not fill the block b/c I do not have a.begin_fill() and a.end_fill() at the beginning and end of my block code.



 In order to color my shapes, I simply used turtle.color() command.


I added the fill and color parameters to my aggregate shapes, and they look like below.


Better Scenes:

I added parameter 'scale' to my aggregate shapes so that I could change the scale of my scenes.  Again, I was trying to control the scale because this project was about literally drawing scenes within scenes.

One thing to note about adding scale to my shapes is that I had to make sure location was not multiplied by scale.  See the snippet below.

Image Added.

Notice that it is side not x or y that is multiplied by scale.  If you multiply the location coordinates by scale, then your shapes or scenes will not be drawn where you want them to be.

Below is an image of my scene drawn at three different locations with three different sizes.

Image Added.

Now I am ready to nest this scene into another one.


Nested Scenes:

User-controlled scenes: