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1. This lab was a continuation of what was done last week. We continued to draw shapes using classes and dictionaries but instead of using all straight lines like last week, we instead implemented different ways of drawing lines to make the pictures look more hand drawn or more non photorealistic.

2. What had to be done in this lab was create different ways for the turtle to move from one point to next. IN the previous lab the turtle would simply travel in a straight line from one point to another. This week we got a little more creative and made different ways for the turtle to get from one point to the next. All of these new ways of drawing lines were added to the forward method in the transformer. First I made jitter which made the turtle draw a line that looks hand drawn, with imperfections instead of simply a line drawn with a ruler. Then the broken was made which moved the turtle from one point to another like a dashed line but with the dashes being somewhat sideways. The first scene was a set of 3 'trees', one that was normal, one drawn with jitter and one drawn with the broken lines. The second scene added even more ways to draw a line such as dotted and then incorporated the shapes file. Thus the second scene was a bunch of different shapes that each used a different style of line and a different color. Finally, the last scene took the scene created from last week and incorporated the new line styles. Thus a new scene was made that looked more non photorealistic or hand drawn.


4. For extensions this week I had some trouble. I attempted to create the brush style line to make the pictures look like they were hand painted. But, I kept running into trouble and was not quite able to get it to work. Although I am pretty sure that I am close. Also I included in my scene some aggregate shapes, such as the cube and the star that used the diamond shape over and over to create a more intricate shape.

5. I learned how to easily create a computer generated picture that takes many different shapes and draws them in a way that makes them look like they were hand drawn. Thus, we can now create pictures that don't look like they were simply programed by a computer but were more freely drawn by hand.