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The project is to use pixmap in order to select images, move images, change color of the images, and finally make a new picture. First, we made in the lab to display the ppm picture. Then I created all my functions in the including functions swap colors and change the background color. After that I made a new image consisting several edited images to mimic Warhol style.

After coping the original image four times, I made four new images in different colors by adjusting the range of (r,b,g). 

create a new empty image that is twice the height and twice the width # put the four images into the empty image in different places
Then I created a new empty image that is twice the height and twice the width and put the four images into the empty image.

 I did a function called enhanceRed. When it's very blue, the function will change blue to red by if statement.

For the extension, I added nine images that are dark green, slightly green and blue-green by adding the x, y positions.

For the other one, I select different part of the image then change its color. 

I learned how to select and move pixels, how to change colors of the picture, and how to put some images as a whole picture. It's difficult to start using putPixmap,setPixel, graphics.Pixmap and etc. It's also hard for me to organize the code in But once I done a few examples, things get easier.

People who helped me: Lenya, Matt, Maddie, Stephanie and Kyle