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The first part of this assignment was to create a function that would put a Pixmap at a location. I did this by using a nested loop with the image location at (a,b) this created a weird output seen below. I guessed that this was the result of the variable names. I changed them to offX and offY and this fixed the problem.
I created multiple filter functions. Some of these took the total value of r+g+b and assigned a general color based on that. One of the filters rotated the colors so r,g,b became g,b,r. Some of my functions added to the highest color level by a value that it is given. This created a problem because sometimes the values were too high. I created a function called regulate that took in (r,g,b) and spit out returned regulated (r,g,b) values, that is, if any value was above 255 it became 255 and if any value was below 0 it became 0.

The next part of the assignment was to create multiple clones and alter them. then I put them into one large collage by my function imageGrouper(...) which took in four pmaps and returned one large one with all 4 of the pmaps. 

My resulting image looked like this.

My screen was too small to show all of these, so I squared the pic to it's smallest dimension and then did everything else.

My next task was to remove all the blue from the image and put it over the background. I found a random .ppm image on the internet and did this.


In this lab I learned about altering images. I worked alone on this lab.