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Write up:

This project was a continuation of the one last week, but introduced the possibility to create different style or drawing the lines that composed out shapes and trees. For this, we had to intervene in transformer and shapes in order to create new fields that will hold the different line styles that we want to create. After these were created, we formulated specific if statements inside the forward method on transformer that defined how turtle should go about getting from an initial position to a final position. These involved jitter, dash, broken, brush. Used with the tree lsystems, these styles gave our images a more picture like appearance.   To demonstrate the new capabilities, I have developed 3 scenes. The first one has systemA lsystem hardcoded and it shows the same lsystem drawn with different "brushstrokes". The second scene work along the same line and uses the different styles on shapes. I have used my existing shapes from class Shape. I have used dashed line for the mountain range, broken for the random stars, brush for the squares and jitter for the hexagon. 

 The third scene was a more complex image that involved creating a landscape that contains both lsystems and already designed shapes. I have included 2 lsystems for trees that were drawn with a random selection of line style, leaves on the ground (triangles) that were aranged using a gaussian distribution and a random selection of color inside a for loop. The mountain range was constructed by drawing 4 layers of the same shape with different line style and superposed, which appears behind a sequence of flowers that were drawn by rotation of a rectagle. The flowers change color progressively.  Also, the night sky contains randomly places stars.

I have also created another scene, which drew in sequence a few ngons in different styles and flowers that were arranged using a formula. The strange wings that appear on the right are squares drawn with my 'fan' line style. 

 This week, I have learned more about how to communicate with turtle in writing the line styles, and enjoyed generating the scenes by seeing that not everything is sharp and well defined anymore and realized that drawing with turtle could be artistic.