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Assigment 2 (Fractals, and Background Replacement):

Miracle bluescreen replacement algorithm let me put myself in the shoes of an ant:



An image of a Julia set which looks like a Chinese Dragon:


Assigment 3 (Graphics Primitives and Flood Fill):

The results of our flood fill algorithm, which was modified so that the fill becomes more red as the fill progresses:
With some more effort, time and will, I could possibly create a set of fonts for the system based on splines. Next term, maybe?


Assigment 4 (Polygons and Scanline Fill):

The results of using alpha blending in the scanline fill algorithm. Looks almost like an explosion from The Last Starfighter

It's chriiiiistmas time, mistletoe and wineeee! (smile)



Assigment 5 (Transformation Matrices):

A space ship rotating around a beautiful skyscape (hey, those stars look familiar...):

The dreaded "space quake"! All power to engines!


Assigment 6 (Modules):

A famous chase scene from the game "Pac Man":

A new, costum made skyscape, along with a fleet of spaceships. As you can see, transformations become highly useful to put a lot of stars in a blink instead of poking around the code for a long while.


Assigment 7 (3D Transformations and Viewing Perspective):

A rotating dodecahedron:

The same rotating Dodecahedron, with a rotating cube and tetrahedron inside. In early eighties, it would possibly make its way into a B-rated sci-fi movie as part of Very Evil Something...


Assigment 8 (Z-buffer Algorithm):

A set of cubes drawn with pseudo-shading, where they get darker as they move away from the view point. The effect is achieved by drawing the z-buffer values converted to monochrome instead of factual colors.

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