Directions for uploading text and images to the wiki
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Directions for uploading final images and text onto the wiki

For uploading text:

1. Log on to the State of Maine 2010 wiki and open up your groups page that I have created (it should be a blank page). Click EDIT

2.  Paste in the text for your FINAL report

3.  For the main title (i.e. The State of Downeast Maine), use heading 1

4.  For subtitles of each section, use heading 2, and if you have a subtitle within the section, use heading 3 (basically model it after the way the report looked in word)

5.  Keep the same font and size that it pastes in as

6. Note: tables should be embedded directly into the text of your report- when you paste your final report into the wiki, the table should appear as is

For images in excel, we will have to save each image separately as a JPEG file and then insert each one into the wiki.  In order to do this you will:

1.  Copy your image by choosing “file, copy”

2. Open up Paint on the computer in the GIS lab

3.  Paste your image into Paint, using “file, paste”

4.  From paint, click “save as,” and from the pull down menu of file formats, select JPEG

5. Name the image with ES493_the first two initials of your topic _and the

figure number (without the periods), For example:

----Doweast Figure 5.1 would look like ES493_DO_Fig51

6.  Save on the fileserver under the folder “final images” under the “assignments” folder.  Within the "final images" folder, each group will have a respective folder in which to place their images

7.  LOG ON to the State of Maine 2010 wiki

8.  Find the page for your group’s report, which I have created (it should be a blank page)

9.  Go to “insert” and select image

10.  Browse for your saved image in the “final image” folder on the fileserver

11.  Click open

12.  Then, select thumbnail.  

13.  Your image should appear as a thumbnail.  When you click on it (once your out of edit mode), it should expand. 

For uploading GIS maps:

1. Open the emf copy of your map

2. Copy the map (Edit/copy OR Ctrl 'C')


4. Edit/Paste the map in Photoshop

5.  Follow steps for inserting figures

After you are done editing your text, your will need to edit the wikki markup language so that the different sections of your report will eventually turn into hyperlinks within your main page.  To edit the wiki markup:

1. Go into edit mode on your page, and click on the wiki markup tab (should be immediately to the right of the RTF section that you are currently editing your text and images in)

2.  Two lines above the heading title, type in  For example for the introduction, write  such that there is a space between the wiki markup code and the actual text    

Follow this model for: methods, laws and institutions, stakeholders, state of topic, discussion and analysis, policy recommendations, scenarios, conclusions, works cited.  Write the name of the section exactly as it appears in your report.  Note: if one of these sections are not in your report, then disregard it- just make sure that for every section of your report there is corresponding markup so we can hyperlink to it.   

NOTE: when you are still in edit mode and switch from wiki markup language back to RTF mode, you may see these captions written.  Don’t erase it- it will mess up the hyperlink.  It will not appear on the Internet. 

Editing the “About Us”

1. Log on to the State of Maine 2010 wiki and open the “About Us” page.  Click EDIT.

2.  Next, go to the photo and bios section of the wiki and select a flattering picture of yourself and your bio. 

3.  Click on “insert” and chose image.  Browse the fileserver and select your image.  Chose thumbnail (medium size).  Your image should appear

4.  Now, beneath your photo, paste in the text for your bio, as obtained from the fileserver

5.  Slightly edit your bio so that it is modeled after mine

6.  Please try to input this information in the correct order! So if State Parks is first in the report, then place your summary and bios first.

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