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State of Maine's Environment 2009 

The State of Maine's Environment is a series of reports written by the Colby Environmental Policy Group, senior environmental policy majors at Colby College in Waterville, Maine.  This is the fifth State of Maine's Environment report created by students enrolled in ES 493: Environmental Policy Practicum.

The 2009 report examines four topics of importance to Maine:  Coastal and marine management, rivers and dams, organic agriculture, and sustainable communities.  For each issue, we explore the history of the topic, laws and regulations, stakeholders, the current state of the topic, future scenarios, and implications of our findings that we relate to the future state of the topic.  We conclude each chapter with recommendations for future policies.

To view a summary of the report, see the Executive Summary. To download the entire report as a PDF document, click here. To view individual chapters of the reports, click on the links below.

Printed Report (full pdf)

State of Maine's Environment 2009 (download full pdf)


See the following links:

About Us

Executive Summary


State of Coastal and Marine Management in Maine 

Maine’s coastal and marine resources are important to the health of Maine’s coastal municipalities and economy. We provide an overview of the current state of coastal marine management in Maine and conduct a spaital analysis of the current jurisdictional management zones off the coast of Maine.

State of Rivers and Dams in Maine

Maine's 31,752 miles of rivers and 782 dams are important to the state’s economy, ecological health, and cultural heritage. We provide an overview of the current state of rivers and dams in Maine and conduct an analysis of the environmental effects of dams on river health and fish populations.

State of Organic Agriculture in Maine

Organic agriculture is a rapidly growing industry nationwide. We present the history and current state of organic agriculture in the U.S. focusing on Maine. We discuss the implications of Maine's role as a national leader in this growing industry.

State of Sustainable Communities in Maine  

In spite of federal inaction on sustainability related issues, local communities across the country are beginning to take action to benefit local economies, environments, and people.  We create a prototype 'Sustainability Activity Index' as a tool to review the current state of local sustainability activity in Maine towns and cities, and explore implications of our findings.

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