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About Us

The State of Maine's Environment 2008

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Samantha Buck, Energy and Climate

Winthrop, Maine

My interest in the environmental field lies mainly in sustainable development especially through green architecture and renewable energy. I also have a huge passion for biodiversity conservation and am interested in how sustainable development can be altered to allow for simultaneous species conservation.  Other interests include traveling, cribbage, and furry animals.

Megan Saunders, Energy and Climate

Reading, Massachusetts

My interests in environmental studies include the development of renewable resources and organic food production.  I would love to eventually create policies to help move households and governments towards a less fossil fuel dependent future.  In addition, I have recently been studying the impacts of golf courses on streams and the factors that contribute to successful tiger conservation worldwide.  Outside of the classroom, I enjoy watching rainstorms, cooking dinner, and traveling the globe.

Lewis Seton, Energy and Climate

Newton, Massachusetts

I'm most interested in renewable sources of energy and how the world will transition off of fossil fuels in the next fifty years. I spent my junior spring in Costa Rica learning about sustainable development in the global south. If I don't go into a career in environmental policy, I would most like to be a professional baseball player. Other interests include Ultimate Frisbee, wandering around in thunderstorms and learning the fiddle.                                        

Courtney Chilcote, Toxic Substances

Cleveland, Ohio

I am interested in a wide variety of environmental studies issues.  More specifically, I have become very passionate about the environmental health field, and I am enjoying this opportunity to investigate toxic substance problems in Maine.  Recently, after spending a semester in Ecuador, I also have developed an interest in international environmental issues, including natural resource exploitation, poverty, environmental education, and environmental justice.  My favorite pastimes include traveling, skiing, scuba diving, and hanging out in the trees.                                                                         

Emma McLeavey-Weeder, Toxic Substances

Jackson, New Hampshire

I am an Environmental Policy major and Anthropology minor. I grew up in a beautiful place that first initiated my interest in protecting our environment, and now I am most specifically interested in environmental justice and environmental conservation in underdeveloped countries. My abroad semester in Tanzania fueled a desire to help people lacking in the education and resources necessary to fully understand and change environmental practices that aren't sustainable. Outside academia, I love skiing, hiking, cooking,  reading and travel. 

Hannah Taska, Toxic Substances

Lowell, Vermont

I am passionate about environmental issues related to local control over resources, overconsumption in wealthy countries, and environmental impacts on poor communities.  For this project I have focused on environmental health issues related to toxic substances in Maine.  I am also interested in sustainable agriculture, an interest cultivated through gardening and organic yogurt production in my rural Vermont homeland.  I enjoy running, hiking, and skiing, contradancing, exploring new places and learning about different cultures.

Caitlin Casey, Marine Fisheries

Littleton, Colorado

I am a double major in Environmental Studies and International Studies. Although my interests in environmental studies are vast and unquenchable, I have a particularly large place in my heart for marine conservation. This stems from my time spent with fishing communities in Southwestern Madagascar; and I am anxious to learn about how issues of the fisheries commons plays out in Maine. Outside of class, I have focused my research on the conservation and development of Maine's forests by timber companies. My other interests include playing rugby, swimming in natural bodies of water, and exploring.

Seth Chanin, Marine Fisheries

San Francisco, California

I am passionate about issues in marine conservation and resource management.  Having spent my junior spring studying marine ecology and conservation in the Turks and Caicos, BWI, I have grown to respect the multitude of services provided by the oceans as well as the challenges inherent in protecting these dynamic, trans-boundary resources.  My other interests in environmental studies include renewable energy development, as well as environmental economics.  Interests outside of academia include spending time underwater,  floating down rivers, leading people on extended romps through the woods, and playing the drums in a student band.

Caitlin Dufraine, Marine Fisheries

Greenfield, Massachusetts

I am majoring in both Environmental Studies with a concentration in Policy, and Science Technology and Society and am minoring in Administrative Science.  My interests include the interactions between the environment, industry and society and using GIS to examine the complexity of spatial and temporal relationships.  For this project I am examining the link between Maine's marine resources and its coastal communities.  Outside of class I have conducted research on human-wildlife conflict and been involved with a variety of Colby's campus sustainability initiatives.  In my free time I enjoy camping, hiking, and kayaking. 

Tarini Manchanda, Private Land Conservation

New Delhi, India

I am an Environmental Studies major and Anthropology minor, particularly interested in water issues. To me, learning about Maine's environment has meant an opportunity to explore a unique culture and tradition of land use along with ideas of environmentalism. Otherwise, I love backpacking, being in nature, baking (if I remember to put in the sugar), theater and film.

Patrick Roche, Private Land Conservation

Hopkinton, Massachusetts
I have always had a deep interest in nature and the outdoors, but I only recently began to involve myself and take action on environmental issues. For me, the catalyst was my study abroad experience in Ecuador, in which I was surrounded by a group of incredibly talented students who had all done amazing work back on their respective campuses.  Their efforts and my interactions during the semester motivated me to involve myself when I returned and apply the wealth of resources afforded to positively impact our environment. I have always felt very strongly about the need to improve land conservation, mostly prompted by the rapid development in my home town in recent years. As such, I'm really interested and excited about the private land conservation movement in Maine and the success it has had so far. I enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, cooking up a mean loaf of bread and traveling in South America.

Will Tyson, Private Land Conservation

Walpole, New Hampshire

I am very interested in many environmental studies issues. I have worked and studied in northern British Columbia, participating in community based conservation efforts among the Taku River Tlingit People, a First Nations Tribe. This has grown my interest in both the ecological field research of conservation, as well as the human rights and development issues associated with conservation projects. I am currently interested in issues of connectivity between landscapes, and am researching efforts to conserve the region of northern New England and New York State for large carnivore populations. Outside of my educational interests, I am very enthusiastic about the outdoors and enjoy skiing, climbing, and biking.

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