Lesson 2 - Insert Links
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Links in Confluence are simple, but it is worth taking the time to learn a couple of shortcuts.

Also note that this lesson may introduce the complexity of multiple simultaneous editing, a complexity that Confluence handles, but one which you may not frequently encounter in normal use. If multiple people are editing the same page at the same time, the results can be surprising. If this situation occurs, Confluence presents clear messages and reasonable choices.


While editing you can insert a link to an external page, like [http://www.google.com], by selecting the toolbar icon above that looks like a link of chain super-imposed on a globe.
* Click the Edit Control in the upper right hand corner of this page
* Go ahead and insert a new link to _dilbert.com_ somewhere on this page  http://dilbert.com

[Learn Confluence]

Links to content in neighboring Confluence pages are even simpler, because the link URL need only be the page title.kayaking
* Insert a link to the _Learn Confluence_ page somewhere in this page

test link

If you specify a link to another Confluence page (i.e., a simple page title) and that page doesn't yet exist, Confluence displays that link in red.  When a red link is selected, Confluence will attempt to create a new page with that title.  If the user has authorization to create pages they can then compose the content and save the page. 
* Insert a link to a non-existent page, then click on it and create that new pageCarbon Footprint


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