tecan plunger commands
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Pump commands

  • The initialization command (Z, Y or W) determines: direction in which the valve homes during initialization (clock/counter clockwise) as well as the direction in which the ports are numbered, starting with the syringe port (clock/counter clockwise)
    • In short: Z for clockwise, Y for counter-clockwise, and W for plunger drive only
      • Z [Z <n1, n2, n3>] - initializes the plunger drive and homes the valve in a clockwise direction.  Valve ports are numbered 1...X, starting in a clockwise direction at the first port after the syringe port.  Default initialization speed is 500 pulses/s
        • N1 - sets initialization plunger force/speed
          • 0 - full force, default speed
          • 1 - half force, default speed
          • 2 - 1/3 force, default speed
          • 10-40 - see <S> for a list of speed codes
        • N2 - sets initialization input port
          • 0 - sets initialization input port to port 1
          • o    1...x - sets initialization input port for distribution valves, where x is the number of ports on the valve
        • N3 - sets initialization output port
          • 0 - sets initialization output port to port x (default), where X is the number of ports on the valve.
          • 1...X - sets initialization output port for distribution valves, where X in the number of ports on the valve.
      • z (lowercase) simulated plunger initialization - the [z] command simulates an initialization of the plunger drive, however, no mechanical initialization occurs.  The current position of the plunger is set as the zero (home) position.
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