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The Wapadsburg data set describes the elemental concentrations in a paleosol, a layer of fossilized soil, at different depths. There are 13 data points, with 19 dimensions (not counting the sum of the major oxides).


Cassi Knight


Excel file. The first row contains column titles (elemental compounds). The remaining rows each describe a data point: the first value is "NWP-X"  where X is the number of centimeters below the ash level. When X==0, the file says "NWP ASH." NWP refers to this specific data set, so future sets will likely have a different code. The next 10 fields are percentages for the presence of the major element oxides. The next field is the sum of the 10 previous. The remaining 8 are the concentrations (in parts per million) of trace elements.

  • Depth: 0-70 cm
  • Major Oxide Concentration: 0-100%
  • Trace Element Concentration: 0-1500 PPM

 The data was collected with an x-ray flourescence instrument. It includes data collection software that has already corrected for any noise in the data.

  • Depth: precise to the centimeter
  • Major Oxide Concentration: precise to 15 significant figures
  • Trace Element Concentration: precise to a whole number part per million