1. Federalism in American Constitutional Law GO 314: "An examination of major themes in American constitutional law, focusing on the period from the founding to the New Deal. Topics include constitutional interpretation and judicial review, the role of an independent judiciary, the structure and powers of the national government, and the rise and fall of substantive due process and economic rights. Readings of major U.S. Supreme Court decisions and related documents."

2. Environmental Activism ES 233: "An introduction to the history, theory, and practice of environmental activism, incorporating both global and local perspectives. Students explore what drives people to act, how environmental activism has evolved, and how it can lead to meaningful social and political change. Examples of environmental activists include individuals, groups, indigenous people, passionate intellectuals, scientists, so-called extremists, and the students themselves."

3. Interest-Group Politics GO 210: "Organized interests have always been an important constituent of American political life. How have changes in government and electoral politics affected the role of interest groups? Are these groups an essential aspect of good government? Do they exert too much influence in modern politics? An examination of the activities of interest groups in American politics, including their formation, behavior, and evolution in recent decades."

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