Blog from September, 2008

Dartmouth Engineering

On Tuesday, September 30, Eric Hansen from Dartmouth will visiting Colby to answer questions about the Dartmouth dual degree engineering program and, in particular, to discuss how it is appropriate for Colby students with a variety of majors.  Prof. Hanson will be available to answer student questions during a drop-in session in Keyes 104 from 9-11:30 AM.

"The Physics of Molecular Self-Assembly on Surfaces - An Exploration of the Nano-World That Will Build Itself"

Professor Karsten Pohl
Physics Department
University of New Hampshire

3:00 p.m. Keyes 105
(Refreshments at 2:30 in Mudd 323)

Dear ACS Member,

The staff at ACS Careers is working hard to create new added value programs to you our members. I would like to make you aware of several of our new services:

ACS Careers Industry Forum:
Monthly Teleconferences featuring Luminaries in the Chemical Sciences

The Department of Career Management and Development and Industry Programs are launching a Monthly Teleconference featuring Luminaries in the Chemical Sciences. The first teleconference is scheduled for September 11th from 2 to 3 pm EST.

We feel this is a great opportunity for practitioners in the chemical sciences to listen in to top industry leaders in their industries and will assist in making informed career decisions. Guest speakers include:

September:    Dr. Abou-Gharbi - Senior Vice President & Head of Chemical & Screening Sciences, for Wyeth Drug Discovery & Development.
October:    Carolyn Ribes - Process Analytical, Dow Benelux, B.V., Terneuzen, The Netherlands.
November:    Michael Strem, Ph.D. - President, Strem Chemicals, Inc. founded Strem Chemicals in Newburyport, MA.
December:    No teleconference to be scheduled.
January:    Tom Lane, ACS President-elect.
February:    Dr. William F. Carroll, Jr. - Vice President, Chlorovinyl Issues for OxyChem and works on public policy issues and communications related to chlorine and PVC. He is also Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana where he teaches polymer chemistry.
Please join us to discuss economic and employment trends with top industry executives in the chemical sciences. Go to register now.

This is a free service via conference call. Check us out for future new and innovative career services programs. We want to hear from you.

The Colby Chemistry Club welcomes all majors, minors, and students interested in chemistry to join students and faculty in a welcome back to school BBQ in front of Keyes 105 at 5 PM on Friday, 9/12/2008.   Signup sheets will be posted on the second floor of Keyes.   Please contact Zac Helm ( for more details.