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HW Answers

I have posted the answers, but not the solutions to the 4th HW assignment.

Climate Change Posters

This is an invitation to you and your students to participate in a poster session at the 57th annual Colby Leadership Institute on the morning of Friday, March 14, 2008.  The theme is Climate Change: Taking the Lead Locally to Reduce Warming Globally.

This year's program is being organized by my ST398 class, "climate change history and public policy."

The program focuses on linking global problems and local solutions by focusing on ways individuals, municipal and state government, and local organizations and businesses can work together with national and international leaders to generate innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions for climate change while saving and even making money.

At 9 am in the Diamond auditorium chemist and Nobel Laureate F. Sherwood Rowland will present a keynote address on global warming and climate change.

The poster and information session runs from 10:30 am to noon, also in Diamond.  Posters may focus on science, history, policy, business, or other aspects of climate change.  Poster printing requests should be directed to Jason Parkhill <> in ITS at least a week before the event.

We hope to have some local industries involved as well, with  tables to display their wares--sort of an environmental trade show, with substantial ideas and products that local businesses can offer by way of positive solutions.

We are expecting a large number of guests from around the state, many of whom will also be attending the awards luncheon with Governor Baldacci.

To participate send your poster proposal for review to all of the following (deadline March 4):,,

For more information on this year's Colby Institute for Leadership please visit

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Jim Fleming (for Alice Elliott and Gus Libby)