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All students in CH217 will have a course account on FileServer1.   Directions for accessing this remove volume are listed below.

Access Instructions for Macintosh OS X Users
In the Finder, select Go > Connect To Server...
In the Server Address: field enter: smb://fileserver1
Click Connect
When prompted enter the following:
Workgroup/Domain: COLBY
Username: e-mail username
Password: your password
Click OK.
In the SMB Mount dialog box that appears, select the desired folder from the available choices and click OK.
Browse to the desired folder.

Access Instructions for Windows Users
There are two ways to connect to Fileserver1:
Method 1
Browse My Network, select Entire Network, select Microsoft Windows Network, and Browse to the COLBY Workgroup and double-click on Fileserver1.
Enter your name as COLBY\username or
Enter your password.
Browse to the desired folders.
Method 2
Select Start > Run... and type in
Fileserver1 and Press the Enter key
Enter your name as COLBY\username or
Enter your password.
Click OK and browse through the folders.

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  1. Please note: All students and faculty also have personal FileServer space. Course related folders only last a year. The personal folders last as long as you remain at Colby.

    File storage space is available for Faculty, Staff and Students by going to \\fileserver1\personal\xxxxx, where xxxx is your user login. There is also file storage space available at the department/course level, please contact the Support Center at 4222 for more information.