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Discussion Question for students:
1. What do you typically associate with African music?
a. Students may say that they believe African music is fairly homogeneous or not, but this section should illuminate that many different genres of popular music are currently being produced on the continent.
Encourage students to explore the following site:
a. They could listen to a podcast on the site, describe the music, and then describe some of its differences and similarities from American popular music
I. South African Pop Breaks Out
II. Ghana: Highlife
"Ghana--Highlife in Low Times" April 10, 2004 The Globalist
III. Democratic Republic of the Congo
Braun, Ken "Congo (DRC)" National Geographic World Music

Discussion Questions:
a. What are examples of how African music has influenced American popular music and visa versa?
b. How has war and social injustice influenced music in Africa according to these three examples?

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